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The localg.a.p. rules build up with a framework where producer can comply with a program which is a sub-set of the GLOBALG.A.P. Integrated Farm Assurance Standard (IFA). The following article describes how to manage a localg.a.p. producer in the database. This process is similar to the IFA certification. The notification and the registration procedures are identical to those for IFA, please see the articles Producer/producer group registration.

After having registered your client, please go to Affiliation >> Manage Products to add products which are going to be assessed. The procedure is also similar to the IFA one, please see the corresponding article Manage products. There are 3 main differences:

- please be sure to choose the localg.a.p. South Africa FV standard under Manage Products as shown below:


please choose the corresponding level in the drop-down menu under Scheme:

Lg add level.png

- you need to enter only one quantity:

Lg quant.png

- you can enter here the attributes: major musts, minor musts and the date of the first localg.a.p. assessment. To do this, please click on Attributes.jpg and you will be forwarded to the next page where you can enter the score.

Lg attr 12.png

However, the attributes can be managed afterwards, at the every process level (during the acceptance or during the certification). You just need to go back to Manage Products and enter them.

The acceptance step is identical to the IFA acceptance, please see the article Accept products.

After you have accepted the products, you need to set the status of the products to Assessed Assessed.jpg, as there is no certificate for localg.a.p., only the assessment. For setting the status Assessed, please do all the steps which are necessary for Certification and sanctions.

Lg cert.png

Lg cert2.png

After this is done, please upload the checklist in xls. or xlsx. format. The initial localg.a.p. checkist can be found here [1]

Please go to CL button.jpg and then to ClUpload button.png and choose localg.a.p. South Africa FV schemestandard and the corresponding scheme version. Then please enter a GGN of the client and click on Load products.png. Please choose a file type you would like to upload.

CL lg.png

After that please click on Browse and then on Upload the checklist. As soon as it is done, you will be able to see the localg.a.p. assessment in the Search, as well as the content of the checklist.

Lg search ggn.png

Lg search.png

If you click on Checklists, you can download this checklist.

Please note that the results of the localg.a.p. assessment in search are visible only to those users who have the role localg.a.p. Observer. To get this role, please contact customer support.