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Important notice: A transfer is currently not possible by using the producer upload sheet. If you need to transfer a huge amount of producers, please, contact customer support.

In case a client has informed the Farm Assurer/Trustee-Masterdata in the application form that its products were certified in the past, has already been certified by a different Certification Body, thus is already registered with a GGN, the new Farm Assurer/Trustee-Masterdata is not allowed to notify and register this client again, because this result in creating a new GGN - a double registration.

It is crucial for the integrity of the system that every producer can only be found with one GGN. Therefore these clients (GGNs) have to be transferred in the database. Transfer of a GGN with valid cycles is not possible, only after the accepted product cycle or the certificate has run out, i. e. producers/producer groups without accepted or certified products are free to switch their Trustee-Masterdata.

The Farm Assurer/Trustee-Masterdata that has been informed by a new client about a previous certification should first check the GGN in the database search. If there are no accepted or certified products linked with the GGN, the relevant error message appears. Subsequently the GGN that the producer provided has to be looked up in Affiliation / Registration.

Here only producers show up who do not have valid cycles in that moment. These producers can be registered with the new Farm Assurer/Trustee-Masterdata as shown in the screenshot below.


If producers want to switch Farm Assurer/Trustee-Masterdata before their certificate ends, the producer or the Trustee-Masterdata can ask the outgoing Certification Body to shorten the certificate.

However, if an extended certificate is shortened, the product(s) still stay accepted. In this case the outgoing Certification Body needs to contact the customer support and confirm that the product(s) can be deaccepted and the producer/producer group is free to change.

If the outgoing Farm Assurer/Trustee-Masterdata deregisters the producer during a valid cycle, the producer will be deregistered and ready to transfer only after the expiry of the certificate.