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In order to enter the database user accounts have to be set up: the CB-Administration provides the login data of the Farm Assurer manager or representative with a templorary password, who has the database role Trustee-Executive. This Trustee-Executive creates all other database user accounts and supplies all employees with their login or resets passwords as described in Masterdata.

Entering https://database.globalgap.org the following screen appears:

Home page.jpg

Please continue with entering your user name and password by clicking on login.

Login page.jpg

During creating a user account a temporary password is generated for every user (e. g. 38h75f7). This temporary password has to be reset during the first login.

Change password.jpg

Users have the option to change their valid password after login at any time under My GLOBALG.A.P., too, via the link in the top right corner of the screen. In this case the password is sent to the user´s mail address.


Please, note: temporary passwords are valid only for 10 days. If the user has not succeeded in loggin in, the Trustee-Executive has to reset the password again and forward the temporary password to the employee. If the Trustee-Executive cannot log in, GLOBALG.A.P. customer support has to reset the password and send the temporary one to the Trustee-Executive.