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Certificate “Valid from” date (DoCD)

The certificate “Valid from” defines the beginning of certificate cycle. For all first-time certifications the “Valid from” will be the date when certification decision is made and at the same time the starting date („anniversary“) of the 12-month certificate cycle. The “Valid from” will be the same day and month in the following year for all producers/producer groups, which are re-certified within one certificate cycle. The “Valid from” is the trigger for the Certification licence fee in case of first certifications. In case of re-certifications it is the trigger for the registration fee and the certification licence fee.

Certificate licence fee

This fee is triggered by entering the Date of Certification Decision (DoCD), i.e. the start of a new cycle.

It is charged to the CB per issued certificate. The amount depends on the kind of certification: individual certification (option 1) or group certification (option 2). In addition to the certificate licence fee, each member of a producer group is taken into account with a "producer supplement".

When a certificate was extended, the fee is also charged at the beginning of the new cycle. Once the certificate is re-issued, the fee will not be charged again for the ongoing cycle.

See GLOBALG.A.P. Fee Table

Date of Acceptance (DoA)

The DoA is generated as soon as a certification body accepts a product. The first acceptance of a product of a certification body is the trigger of the start of the product cycle.

Date of Audit (DoAudit)

The date of audit is the last date when the audit is closed.

Date of Certification Decision (DoCD)

The DoCD is the date when the Certification Committee makes the certification decision. In case of re-certifications the DoCD has no direct effect on the DoC and the corresponding certificate cycle. In case of first-time certifications the DoCD is the same as the DoC. The DoCD is necessary to document the certification process and to operate correctly the calculation of the fee.

GLOBALG.A.P. Certificate Number

The GLOBALG.A.P. certificate number is automatically generated, as soon as the first product is added. It consists of 5 digits (0 to 9), 5 letters (A to Z) and the suffix (4 digits from 0 to 9, CERT-ID xxxxx-yyyyy-0000). As soon as further changes are made (e. g. product quantity change), the suffix changes. As soon as a new product cycle starts, a new GLOBALG.A.P. certificate number is generated.


The Global/International Location Number (GLN/ILN) from the GS1 ( is used as the GGN. The following rules are valid: a) In any cases the producer has already his own number, the producer shall use his own number, b) In cases the producer has not an own number, the producer will always get an GLN/ILN from GLOBALG.A.P. and c) In case a producer would get an own GLN/ILN after he got a GLN/ILN from GLOBALG.A.P., this number will replace the GLOBALG.A.P. number. In the GLOBALG.A.P. database the producer is traceable under both numbers.

GLN (Global Location Number) or ILN (International Location Number, GLN in Germany)

As the name implies, the GLN is the GS1 Identification Key for Locations. The GLN can be used to identify physical locations and legal entities where is a need to retrieve pre-defined information to improve the efficiency of communication with the supply-chain.

Notification (company)

The notification is the first step, which is needed to register a company in the database. After the notification the system is validating the data. If the data is accepted by the system, the Trustee can register the company.


This is the organisation key, which identifies the certification body and the producer group. The key is generated automatically by notification. Every registered company in the database has an O-Key: certification bodies, producer groups, supplier, retailer.

Product acceptance

The acceptance is related to the product and is needed to confirm the product entering. As soon as products are accepted, the registration fee will be charged. You can identify accepted products by a green flag (Accepted.jpg ). The acceptance of products can only be done by certification bodies and producer groups (only for their producers).

Registration (company)

After an accepted notification a company (producer or producer group) can be registered by the Trustee. Only one Trustee can register a company. If a producer or producer group is working with several certification bodies, only one of the certification bodies can be its Trustee.

Registration fee

This fee is triggered by accepting a product in the database.

It is charged once per cycle to the company who acts as the Trustee for this producer. Its amount depends on the size of the production (e.g. hectars). When a product is re-accepted, it is only charged at the beginning of the new cycle.

When a certificate was extended, the fee is also charged at the beginning of the new cycle. Once the certificate is re-issued, the fee will not be charged again for the ongoing cycle.

See GLOBALG.A.P. Fee Table

Registration number

This is the registration number of the producer or producer group, which is assigned by the certification body. Rules: The characters shall be alphanumeric, the CB Short is automatically generated by the database and added to the number (with 1 space character between (Format: CB Short xxxxxxxxxxx).


This is the company specific identification number of the employee or all employees, who has or have the role TrusteeMasterdata in order to notify producers and producer groups.