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What is Bookmarking?

GLOBALG.A.P. Bookmarking is the easy way to record and monitor the certification status of your producers.

With this exclusive access into the Database you can easily manage your GLOBALG.A.P. certified producers and also share this list to other companies, for instance wholesalers, which require GLOBALG.A.P. certification.

Who can use it?

We mainly offer our Bookmarking service for companies which are active in the trade of the product as part of the supply chain, i.e. buy and sell GLOBALG.A.P. certified products (so-called “Market participants”).

Please use our Online Registration to register for the Bookmarking service.

New Terms & Conditions from August 2016

  • There is only one responsible person per company who has to accept the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Statement. All other users in the company can have access to the database as in the past, but the responsible person has to make sure that every user knows and follows the Terms & Conditions.
  • All companies who are using Bookmarking and have the role “Market participants” in the database will in the future be published on our website in the same format as companies who have the role “GRASP Observer” in the database. The role “market participants” was given to all companies active in product trading as part of the supply chain and which both buy and sell certified products.

Data Access Rights

In the public search of the GLOBALG.A.P. Database you will always see the name, city and country of the certificate holder (individual producer under Option 1 or producer group under Option 2, but no Option 2 members of a producer group).

This mainly refers to the GLOBALG.A.P. IFA Standard Version 4 and 5 as well as benchmarked standards under Version 5. With the access group “Market participant” the companies will also see the quantities of the certified company. Please note that you need special access rights for some Add-Ons.

You can find further information in our Data Access Rules.

Searching GGNs: cycle, status, certfied process

In the GLOBALG.A.P. Database you have three search options (#1 - #3), which you can use for more search results. This is the Expert Search.

  • Search 1: Search GGN or certificate number
  • Search 2: Search by name
  • Search 3: Search producers of a product in one country

Depending on the number of GGNs found you will see one GGN with the data tree containing certificate information, more GGNs in order to be able to select any of them by opening the data tree with the plus sign.

Search GGNs.jpg


A cycle means the one year certificate that is issued for a single producer or a producer group, i. e. one cycle means one calendar year. A current cycle means a current valid certificate, a next cycle a next valid certificate.

It is possible to audit and certify the products before a current certificate runs out, so a producer can have both a current and a next certificate already.

Certified process 3.jpg

Certified process

Crucial is the information what is displayed for Certified process. Yes states that the products result from a certified process, No that the production process on the farm was not yet certified.

Certified process 2.jpg Certified process 4.jpg


In the database search there are different status options - in combination with the information of certified process as listed below.

  • Accepted Accepted.jpg

The product status accepted can appear combined with certfied process Yes or No as shown above.

Accepted with Yes means that you see a product of a producer group member, who supplies a group with a certified production process. This combination is used distinctively for such producer group members (option 2).

Accepted with No means that the products has been registered by the Certification Body, the client was "accepted" - however the production process not yet certified. In this case products cannot be marketed as GLOBALG.A.P. certified, there is no paper certificate - if yes, it cannot be confirmed as valid.

First the certificate information in the GLOBALG.A.P. Database has to be updated and the paper certificate can be issued only afterwards.

  • Certified Certified.jpg

The product status certified is set upon product certification and triggers the one year certificate cycle. The new certificate cycle is linked with a GLOBALG.A.P. certificate number per product, which is generated by the database.

The certified status shows always that products result from a certified process, so you will see Yes for single producers (option 1) and producer groups (option 2 - or also option 1).

  • Assessed Assessed.jpg

This status is relevant for the GRASP add-on as well as for some other Add-Ons such as GLOBALG.A.P. NON-GM/Ohne Gentechnik Add-on, TR 4 BioSecurity Add-on for Bananas, GLOBALG.A.P Farm Sustainability Assessment (GG FSA), SIZA Standard, SIZA Enviromental Add-on, Sustainable Program for Irrigation and Groundwater Use (SPRING) as well as Sustainable Rice Platform (SRP). For the social practice audit there is no certification, but an assessment. Producer and/or producer groups can be assessed, accordingly the "product" GRASP has the status assessed.

In case of a producer group the members of the cooperative stay accepted Accepted.jpg.

The GRASP status and the checklist results are only for users visible, who have a database access and have signed the relevant documents (Terms & Conditions, Data privacy).

Both the database access and the access to the GRASP results have to be requested. Please, contact the customer support. The Terms of References are also publicly available in the Annex II of the GRASP General Regulations.

  • Open non-conformance Onc.jpg

The status open non-conformance can be set, when a producer or producer group does not comply with the GLOBALG.A.P. Control Points and Compliance Criterias in an initial certification process.

  • Self-declared suspension Sds.jpg

A producer or producer group can ask for a voluntary suspension of a product, if it is not compliant with certain GLOBALG.A.P. requirements.

  • Suspended Sus.jpg

A suspension of the product certificate is issued, when a producer or producer group does not present evidence of corrective actions that close out a non-conformance after a Warning has been issued.

  • Non confirmed Not conf.jpg

This status appears if a product neither has been registered nor certified for a cycle. In search this appears in the case if a product was not included in a current valid certificate, but in a next one that has already been updated in the database.

Certified process 5.jpg

Visibility of producer and product data: data release

Producer data

The data access rules of GLOBALG.A.P. allow to choose between the options, whether to hide the company name and address or to show to the public. This way searching producer and producer groups publicly, names and addresses are visible only, if the producer/producer group has granted access rights to these data.

Database users who search the GGNs with a database login (user name & password) belong to the access group "Market participants", they will be able to see the name and address of the certificate holder by default. The certificate holder are the single producer and the producer groups (cooperatives). The names and addresses of the producer group members are hidden by default.

Product data

There is another option newly implemented in the database: Growers can also show their product data. Product data currently cover the quantities: hectar for crops, tons for livestock, broodstock, seedlings and tons quantity for aquaculture. By default these quantities are not visible for any of the users.

Ask for data release

Minimum producer and product data are shown according to the data access rules as described above. More information can be released only if the producer/producer group allows to do so. For this the regular way is that the retailer/supplier asks the grower (or the importer/exporter with contact to the grower) for data release (defining which data), so the producer/group can advise its certification body (trustee of masterdata) to change the database settings. Or the producer can ask the customer support for its own database access and complete the changes.

In order to ease this process, a Data release form was created in four languages: English, German, Italian, Spanish. The first three pages have to be filled in by the retailer/supplier (company name, data required) and then forwarded to the producer/producer group. Please, ask the customer support for this form.


The key idea of bookmarking producers is to avoid the recurrent search for single producer GGNs or the upload of upload sheets with a large number of GGNs in order to gain certificate information. With the bookmarking function you can create a personal bookmarking pool of producers. This pool we call List where the GGNs are uploaded only once, but certificate information can be obtained permanently.

This enables a company to trace the deliveries of different suppliers, to group products of one supplier or deliveries from one country. It is up to the user how the deliveries will be differentiated, segregated and finally listed (e. g. List of Avocados Mexico, List of Tomatoes, List of supplier/retailer x etc.).

There can be several lists that are filled with GGNs by uploading them with an Excel sheet. The bookmarking lists can be extended with more producer GGNs the same way. Please, see the chapter Filling lists below.

You will be able to:

  • Obtain certification information immediately from your list
  • Monitor all your GLOBALG.A.P. registered producers
  • Avoid recurrent certificate queries online

Another option by using the bookmarking tool is the possibility to add more product or batch/delivery information to the certificate details. Not only the producer GGN and the product is uploaded, but also voluntary company or supply chain specific data (e.g. article name or variety, GTIN, traceability codes such as SSCC, delivery date) related to the specific certificate. The additional information can be accessed, filtered and downloaded via the GLOBALG.A.P. Bookmarking function.

You can bookmark GGNs – then you will see the producer with all the certified products in a Tree view.

Additionally you can bookmark GGNs with the product using a product ID, you can include delivery information such as time of arrival – then you will see the GGNs with the bookmarked products and will be able to filter and download the list in the List view.

For the terms Tree view and List view, please, see the chapter List selection below.

Editor-follower concept

The new bookmarking concept allows a list to have one editor and one follower. This means that one company creates a list and makes it available for the other company. The company creating the list can decide whether it wants to be its editor or its follower. The editor can view the list as well as manage it by adding and deleting GGNs. The follower is able to view the list content. Both the editor and the follower can edit the list´s name and its description – however these changes will be visible only for the company who edits the data. Finally if either the editor or the follower do not wish to view a list anymore they can unsubscribe from it. The list however will remain usable for the other party.

Bookmarking packages

The bookmarking functionality is available in different packages. The packages differ only in the amount of producers (i. e. GGNs) that you will be able to bookmark:

Amount of producers that can be bookmarked Package pricing (annual)
up to 50 € 100
50 – 200 € 200
201 – 500 € 300
501 – 1000 € 400
more than 1000 € 500

Every bookmarking package also includes the Expert Search tool.

If you wish to test the bookmarking function before purchasing a package, you can also choose to access it for a free trial period of two weeks. Please contact the customer support.

We have introduced a new breadcrumb navigation - you can find the Bookmarking tab here:

BM BM.jpg

First steps: List Management

BM LM.jpg

The List Management will be only available to users with the database role Bookmarking Responsible. . Here you can manage your company´s own lists or lists you provide to other companies. You can add and update lists as well as unsubscribe from them.

Add a list

The first step towards bookmarking GGNs is always to have or add a list that will be filled with GGNs later on.

BM LM Add.jpg

Adding a list means: You decide who shall be the editor and the follower of the list and what shall be its name and description. Initially the company that is logged in is set by default as Editor and as Follower (Fruitlogistica2011).

BM LM Add 2.jpg

Your company is set by default as editor and as follower. If editor and follower are identical only this company can access and update the list. This can be changed in the drop down menu: If the follower shall be another company, please, select “Other company” and enter the O-Key of that organisation. The O-Key has to be provided by the company you would like to show the content of the list.

BM LM Add 3.jpg

Click on “Check O-Key” in order to validate the key. Here we entered the O-Key of the company “Global Supermarket”.

BM LM Add 4.jpg

Of course you can select your company as a follower and another one as an editor – however then you will only be able to view the content of the list, you cannot edit it. After having created a list with another company as editor or follower, this company will receive an e-mail notification.

After a list has been successfully created, it appears in List Management:

BM LM Add 5.jpg

Update a list

Here the initial name and description of a list can be changed at any time. These changes will only be visible to the company who completes them.

BM Update icon.jpg

You can change the name and/or the description of a list as shown below:

BM Update.jpg

Unsubscribe from a list

If you do not wish to access or manage a list anymore, you can unsubscribe from it. In order to unsubscribe, please, select the wastepaper bin symbol.

BM Unsubsc icon.jpg

The result of the unsubscription differs depending on whether the unsubscribing company is the editor, the follower or both. If editor and follower of a list are different and:

  • the editor unsubscribes from it, he cannot update the list anymore but the follower is still able to access it.
  • the follower unsubscribes from it, he cannot access the list anymore, but the editor is still able to update it.

In case of unsubscription the user(s) with the role Bookmarking responsible of the other company get an e-mail notification about it and the name of the unsubscribing company will be shown as crossed out in the List Management.

If editor and follower are the same and this company unsubscribes, neither can the list be accessed nor updated.

BM Unsubsc.jpg

If editor and follower are different companies and the follower unsubscribes from the list, the editor will see the name of the follower company crossed out. If the editor has unsubscribed, the list will not be visible anymore. In case of unsubscription the user(s) with the role Bookmarking responsible of the other company get an e-mail notification about it.

Filling lists

Has the Bookmarking Responsible first chosen or added a list in the List Management, this list can be filled with GGNs and other entries by uploading an .xls-file, the Bookmarking template provided by GLOBALG.A.P. This template contains one obligatory and various voluntary columns.

You can download this Bookmarking Excel template here.

BM template.jpg

Please note the message: All formatting in this document and information beneath this line is only for your information. It will not affect the upload result although it may be marked erroneous. This means that in order to avoid irritations all these lines with examples and explanations should be deleted before uploading the sheet.

Please take into account that if you upload GGN more than once, they will be bookmarked multiple times.

Below you will find a brief description of each column.

  • GGN: The column with the heading GGN (numbers with 13 digits) always have to be completed. This is the only obligatory entry. If you wish to attach specific e.g. delivery information on product level please use the other (voluntary) columns.
  • product ID: If you wish to attach information to single products of the producer, please enter the corresponding product key (e. g. “2” for apples). These product keys are available in the second sheet of the Excel file provided by GLOBALG.A.P. If you wish to upload more that one product for the same GGN, please use one line for every product key and copy the GGN.

Please, note: if you do not enter any product ID, you will see only the GGN in that line without any certificate data. Bookmarking allows you to attach additional information on product level only if you enter the GGN with the product ID.

  • ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival): You can use this column to track the estimated time of arrival of deliveries or communicate it to the follower of the list. This entry is voluntary and should be a date.
  • article: Can be filled in as required. You can use this entry to describe your delivery in more detail. This entry may be a string of up to 50 characters and is voluntary.
  • variety: Can be filled in as required. You can use this entry to describe your products in more detail. This entry may be a string of up to 50 characters and is voluntary.
  • site name: Can be filled in as required and might be of use in keeping track of individual sites. This entry may be a string of up to 50 characters and is voluntary.
  • delivery order no: Can be filled in as required. This entry may be a string of up to 30 characters and is voluntary.
  • advice note no: Can be filled in as required. This entry may be a string of up to 30 characters and is voluntary.
  • delivery date: Can be filled in as required. This entry allows you to mark and communicate the delivery date. This entry accepts dates and is voluntary.
  • SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code): Can be filled in as required. Using this column you may be able to better organize your batches/deliveries or communicate them to the follower of the list. This entry may be a string of up to 30 characters and is voluntary.
  • GTIN (Global Trade Item Number): Can be filled in as required to keep track of or communicate the item’s GTIN. This entry may be a string of up to 20 characters and is voluntary.
  • supplier name: Can be filled in as required.By using this column you can easily link the delivered products to their suppliers. This entry may be a string of up to 128 characters and is voluntary.

As you can see, all columns following the GGN are described as being voluntary. These entries comprise suggestions and requirements by GLOBALG.A.P. stakeholders, which can help you to organize and sort your own deliveries. The information that you enter in these columns is not accessible to anyone but your company, a possible follower of the list and GLOBALG.A.P.

If you need more columns than displayed here, please, contact the GLOBALG.A.P. customer support and we will add them to the bookmarking function.

This is how a completed Excel sheet can look like:

BM completed template.jpg

Starting the upload

BM Upload.jpg

You can upload the file with GGNs to one, more or all available lists of the company. This has to be selected before the upload.

BM Upload 2.jpg

BM Upload 3.jpg

Please, click on “Browse” or “Durchsuchen” in order to select the Excel file with the GGNs you need to see in the list (here the “List for Supermarket 1”), select the list and upload the file. You will get an immediate confirmation after the upload:

BM Upload 4.jpg

Finally the user will get an upload report via e-mail and a link to a file with successfully uploaded GGNs and/or errors. In this file the GGNs and the product IDs are validated and errors are shown, too. If there is an error, those GGNs and products will not be bookmarked. Whether a product is certified or not, this can be checked in List selection.

The follower´s view

As soon as a list was created by an editor company, here Fruitlogistica2011 for the follower company Supermarket 1, this company can see that list and view the entries.

BM followers view.jpg

Here Supermarket 1 can see an “Initial List” that is created automatically by the system and can be updated and filled by the company. The list “List for Supermarket 1” that was created by the editor, Fruitlogistica2011 is also visible with the number of GGNs included. For more information Question.jpg can be selected:

BM followers view 2.jpg

In this List Management the follower, company Supermarket 1 can also update the name and the description of any of the lists. These changes are only visible for the follower, not for the editor. The follower can also unsubscribe from the list if it is not relevant anymore.

Using the Bookmarking pool: List Selection

In the Bookmarking tab you will find all GLOBALG.A.P Bookmarking lists available to you. Both the editor and the follower of a list can view it using this function:

BM List search.jpg

The List selection allows you to select one ore more lists in order to view and filter them. If you have used the bookmarking functions before, all your bookmarked producers will be merged into the Initial list.

If you select more than one GLOBALG.A.P. Bookmarking List these lists will be displayed as one merged list.

BM List search multi.jpg

BM List search 2.jpg

There are two ways how a list can be displayed, as a tree or a list. You can select the preferred view in View selection.

Here you see the tree view:

BM tree view.jpg

Below the list view:

BM list view.jpg

In the List view the GGNs are only shown with product certificate information if the product was explicitly bookmarked. GGNs that were bookmarked without products are shown, however without certificate information as this information is linked to products.

If you choose No in the tree view, all products of a GGN will be shown. Otherwise only products of a producer that where explicitly bookmarked by entering the GGN and the product ID in the Bookmarking template are shown.

BM explicitly.jpg

Download of bookmarked producers and deliveries

Have you selected the List view for checking all your deliveries, you can can download the list.

BM download deliveries.jpg

To do so please click on “Download all deliveries” and open the .csv-file. This .csv-file is a text file, this means that the different information are not shown in separate columns. The .csv-file has to be converted into an Excel file with information in separated columns. For this please open the .csv-file in Excel and select the column A that contains all the information, then go to the “Data”/“Daten” tab and select “Text to Columns”/“Text in Spalten”:

BM Text in Spalten.jpg

Now the Text Wizard/Textkonvertierungs-Assistant starts, where you need to choose the format of your current data. The .csv-file contains the character | to separate the various fields, so each information that is separated by that character shall be put in a separate column. Please, select “Delimited”/“Getrennt” and click “Next”/“Weiter”. A preview of your selected data appears below.

BM getrennt.jpg

You are now asked to select the type of character that separates the various fields: This is the delimiter mentioned above. Enter | in the field provided for “Other”/”Andere”, a preview of the data in columns appears below, according to the delimiter selected, then click “Next”/“Weiter”:

BM andere.jpg

Once you have selected the data type for each column, click “Finish”/”Fertig stellen”:

BM fertig stellen.jpg

Your text will now appear in several columns, depending on the number of delimiters in the original list. Should the GGNs be displayed in an incorrect format, this has to be changed, too, by clicking right with the mouse and selecting “Format Cells”/“Zellen formatieren”:

BM Zellen formatieren.jpg

Now choose the tab “Numbers”/ “Zahlen” and select “Number” /”Zahl” as your preferred “Category”/ “Kategorie”. Finally enter 0 for “Decimal places”/“Dezimalstellen” and press “OK”. You will now see the GGNs in the correct format.

BM Zellen formatieren 2.jpg

Now you are able to filter the colums as you need and use all information.

BM fertiges download.jpg

If you now save the file as an “Excel workbook/Excel Arbeitsmappe” the information will stay in separate colums.

For any further help and questions, please, feel free to contact the customer support.

Bookmarking XML SOAP interface

please see the link to the article below: