Working with Certification Bodies in the database

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The Farm Assurer can take over the task of database registration as the Trustee-Masterdata.

For this task the Trustee-Masterdata gets an RF-key (registration fee key) or can obtain it from the customer support.

After having registered a producer/producer group,

Step 1: Certification body supplies its O-key to the Farm Assurer/Trustee-Masterdata

Step 2: Farm Assurer/Trustee-Masterdata enters the O-key of the Certification body in Affiliation / Manage Business Relations and presses Add

Fa 1.png


Step 3: Farm Assurer/Trustee-Masterdata searches the producer, adds the products to be certified (with quantity information), selects the Certification Body and the applicable scheme version in the drop down menus as described in Manage products.