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The Trustee-Masterdata role is necessary for registering producers or producer groups.

The Trustee-Masterdata completes the Producer/producer group registration in the GLOBALG.A.P. database. The initial product registration is also completed by the Trustee-Masterdata in Manage products. This employee can enter all products (incl. product quantities) of a producer or producer group. However, certification bodies, who are responsible for the complete certification process, accept the products. Product acceptance is the trigger of the Registration fee collected by the Trustee.

Has the Trustee-Masterdata completed the Producer/producer group registration online or via upload (one step: action 0) as described in Producer/producer group registration/deregistration via upload, the producer or the producer group will be linked to the Trustee company and get the status registered. This status is the precondition for product acceptance and certification by the Certification Body.