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According to the GLOBALG.A.P. training concept it is obligatory for all auditors and inspectors to fulfil the online training requirements for the IFA version 4. First the respective auditor and inspector roles, scopes and subscopes have to be assigned in the GLOBALG.A.P. Database, then these employees can complete the online training.

If they pass, this person can be selected as an auditor/inspector for certification. If the auditor or inspector fails any of the tests, the database locks them and the error message "The auditor is locked for the audit date" appears. For support in this case, please, contact Anne Kafzyk.

How to complete the scope and subscope assignment for CB-Auditor and CB-Inspector, please, see Entering subscopes and schemes for the employees.

Quick check

  • Has the user name of the CB-Auditor/CB-Inspector at least three characters?
  • Have all symbols (e. g. @, $, &) in the user name been replaced before the assignment?
  • Has the CB-Executive assigned the working language in the Masterdata of the CB-Auditor/CB-Inspector?
  • Has the CB-Executive assigned the scope(s)/subscope(s) in the Masterdata of the CB-Auditor/CB-Inspector?
  • Have all the changes been saved on the main Masterdata page?
  • Has the CB-Auditor/CB-Inspector received its user name and password for the login?
  • Is the Online Training button visible? > Courses in the selected working language are available.
  • Is the Online Training button not visible? > Courses in the selected working language are not available.
  • Has the CB-Auditor/CB-Inspector completed the available courses in one language successfully?
  • Has the CB-Auditor completed the face-to-face option 2 training successfully?

Entering the GLOBALG.A.P. Online Academy

As soon as the CB-Executive has assigned at least one subscope for the scheme version GLOBALG.A.P. IFA v4.0 in an available language, the auditor/inspector will be able to access the GLOBALG.A.P. Online Academy. This can be done by selecting the Online Training button at the top navigation after logging in.

Access OLT.jpg

By selecting the button the auditor/inspector will be redirected to the Personal Desktop > Overview > My assigned trainings of the GLOBALG.A.P. Online Academy just as shown below.

Personal desktop.jpg

In the GLOBALG.A.P. Online Academy all courses will appear here and remain also after having completed the exams. The reason for this is to enable exam updates. Please, note that there can be a lot of courses placed on the personal desktop, if several subscopes and/or more languages were assigned.

The titles on the Personal Desktop are course titles, which means that every course will contain learning materials, tutorials (eCourses) and at least one exam. Currently there are two courses available in English. In all other languages there are only exams that have to be passed successfully in order to get approved for one subscope.

OLT exam.jpg

Performing an exam

If an auditor shall be approved for IFA version 4 Fruit & Vegetables, there are five exams to pass:

  • General Regulations Part I.
  • General Regulations Part III.
  • All Farm Base
  • Crops Base
  • Fruit & Vegetable

The exam can be started by clicking on one title. All relevant information and advises for attempting and passing the test appears.

Start the test.jpg

A single question could look like here:

OLT question.jpg

On the right side of the page there is an additional option: to Postpone a question at any time so as to answer it later. After having answered one question the Next button leads to the next question. Before finishing the exam and just as not to forget to answer postponed questions, the List of questions can be selected at any time while attending the exam.

In order to finish the test the List of questions has to be selected as a last step. There all answered and postponed questions are listed. If the exam is completed, Finish the Test is selected.

List of questions.jpg

Finally the test result is displayed, whether the auditor/inspector has passed or failed the test.

Test results.jpg

Checking and extracting exam results in the OLT platform

If any person needs the proof of having done the exams (regardless of the results), this can be downloaded in a .pdf file right after having finished the exam - or at any time in Personal desktop > Overview > select Exam > Show Test Results.

Please, use the button PDF Export.

Has an auditor failed the exams, the person can select the exam again and start a new test attempt by using the button Start New Test Attempt.

After having done the exams all the answers given can be checked in Show List of Answers.

Start a new test.jpg

In Personal Desktop > Learning progress the status of the exams is listed at a glance. Here you also see the explanation of the colours.

Learning progress all courses.jpg

OLT exam status.jpg

Checking and extracting exam results for CB scheme managers

One employee in every Certification Body has the option to check the online training results of all employees: For IFA version 4, all registered auditors/inspectors for every relevant online training module. The one employee, usually the GLOBALG.A.P. scheme manager gets the database role CB-Scheme-Manager. Please, request this role from the CB-Admin team.

Having logged in with the role CB-Scheme-Manager, please go to Masterdata and select the tab Scheme Requirement.

Scheme req.png

Here you see by default the setting GLOBALG.A.P. IFA version 4.0 March11, requirement Online Training and your CB-short. Now you only need to press select and all employees with all online training modules appear. This means that if the auditor needs to complete 5 modules (GR I, GR III, All Farm Base, Crops base, F&V), his/her name is listed 5 times.

Scheme req 2.png

This view can be filtered, you can search for just one auditor/inspector or one module etc.

For further information or errors please contact Anne Kafzyk.