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The Trustee concept is a core feature of the GLOBALG.A.P. Invoicing. Producers or producer groups can only have a unique Trustee, the Trustee (i. e. Trustee of Producer/producer group masterdata) works for GLOBALG.A.P. as „commission agent“. The Trustee is responsible for collecting the Registration fee, whereas only certification bodies are invoiced the Certification licence fee.

Normally certification bodies do have both roles, but this concept allows to separate the responsibilities for collecting the two different fees. Based on the Licence Agreement (LCA) all certification bodies are also Trustees.

The Trustee-Executive role is only to administer the employees with the Trustee-Masterdata role. Trustee company managers get the Trustee-Executive role assigned by GLOBALG.A.P. CB-Administration. Users with the role Trustee Executive may assign the role Trustee-Masterdata to themselves and to any employees of the Certification Body.