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Database roles and rights of an employee shall follow the current position of the employee within the certification body. Upon login the roles assigned to an employee can be checked at the bottom of the page.

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According to the GLOBALG.A.P. training concept it is obligatory for all auditors and inspectors to fulfil the online training requirements for the IFA. First the respective auditor and inspector roles, scopes and subscopes have to be assigned in the GLOBALG.A.P. Database, then these employees can complete the Online training (OLT). If they pass, this person can be selected as an auditor/inspector for certification. If the auditor or inspector fails any of the tests, the database locks them and the error message "The auditor is locked for the audit date" appears. The CB-Executive is the one to assign the CB-Committee, CB-Auditor and CB-Inspector roles and scopes, subscopes in Masterdata. CB-Committee is an additional role to the role CB-Auditor. See General Regulations Part III.6.1.b.

Please, note: the role CB-Auditor is superior to the role CB-Inspector. This means that a CB-Auditor does not need the CB-Inspector role for the same scheme version. Assigning both roles in GLOBALG.A.P. IFA v5.x for the same modules may result in double online training assignments for the employee.

Certification Body roles

The system is based on the “four eyes principle”, i. e. the CB-Auditor/CB-Inspector, who carried out the audit cannot issue the certificate and be responsible for the certification decision for the same audit. To implement this rule, GLOBALG.A.P. introduced the role CB-Committee, the person assuming responsibility for the certificate decision. Roles and rights of the certification body employees´: