Chain of Custody through BRC

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A key element of the GLOBALG.A.P. Standard integrity is the principle of identifying GLOBALG.A.P. certified producers as unique identities and recording all relevant producer and product information - including the certificate. For this purpose GLOBALG.A.P. operates a database of all GLOBALG.A.P. certified producers worldwide. This section introduces the database tasks managed by GLOBALG.A.P. approved Certification Bodies: registration of producers, products and certification of products. Crucial is the assignment of the GLOBALG.A.P. Number (GGN) during producer registration. This 13-digit number is unique and belongs to the legal entity as long as it exists. It serves as a search key on the GLOBALG.A.P. website for validating certificates.

Training database

GLOBALG.A.P. is operating a training database, available for tests or trainings and works exactly as the “real” database. Note that the data is not saved permanently in this database and any actions executed in the training database are not invoiced. Data in the training database get updated monthly. Every employee of a GLOBALG.A.P. Certification Body can log in to the training database with the same login and password combination as in the regular database.

Entering the GLOBALG.A.P. Database: Users & passwords

You have received a login and a temporary password for the database. By default you received the role CB-Executive. This CB-Executive creates all other database user accounts and supplies all employees with their login or resets passwords as described in Masterdata.

Entering the following screen appears:

Home page.jpg

Please continue with entering your user name and password by clicking on login Login.jpg.

Login page.jpg

When creating a user account a temporary password is generated for every user (e. g. 38h75f7). This temporary password has to be changed within 10 days. With the first login the user will be asked to set a new password.

Change password.jpg

Users have the option to change their valid password after login at any time under My GLOBALG.A.P., too, via the link in the top right corner of the screen. In this case the password is sent to the user´s mail address.


Please, note: temporary passwords are valid only for 10 days. If the user has not succeeded in loggin in, the CB-Executive has to reset the password again and forward the temporary password to the employee.

If the CB-Executive cannot log in, GLOBALG.A.P. customer support has to reset the password and send the temporary one to the CB-Executive.

Database roles and rights of an employee shall follow the current position of the employee within the certification body. Upon login the roles assigned to an employee can be checked at the bottom of the page.

Roles&rights 1.png

According to the GLOBALG.A.P. training concept it is obligatory for all inspectors who conduct inspections of CoC 5.0 through BRC to fulfil the online training requirements for the CoC version 5. First the respective inspector role, scopes and subscopes have to be assigned in the GLOBALG.A.P. Database, then these employees can complete the Online training (OLT). If they pass, this person can be selected as an inspector for certification. If the inspector fails any of the tests, the database locks them and the error message "The inspector is locked for the audit date" appears. The CB-Executive is the one to assign the CB-Committee, and CB-Inspector roles and scopes, subscopes in Masterdata.

Certification Body roles

The system is based on the “four eyes principle”, i. e. the CB-Inspector, who carried out the audit cannot issue the certificate and be responsible for the certification decision for the same audit. To implement this rule, GLOBALG.A.P. introduced the role CB-Committee, the person assuming responsibility for the certificate decision. Roles and rights of the certification body employees´:

Add new employees

Within the Certification Body the CB-Executive manages the employees´ data, in the Trustee company the Trustee-Executive administers the employees with the Trustee-Masterdata role.

In Masterdata > Employees all current active employees appear, before adding employees they can be searched by name or username.

Masterdata 1.png

By clicking on Add employee appears the following screen.

Masterdata 2.png

Former employees can be selected in order to add them again or to add a brand new contact. To add former employees again, please choose the status 'deleted' and refresh the page. All the former deleted employees will appear.

Masterdata 3.png

If Add new employee is selected or an existing one with the button Green square.jpg, contact data, database language, Working language and roles can be edited in the Masterdata.

Masterdata 4.png

Change data, password of an existing employee

If any of the masterdata or password requires modification, first the employee needs to be selected by the CB-Executive using the button Green square.jpg

Masterdata 5.png

Subsequently the same Masterdata screen appears as already shown above. Here all contact details can be modified (name, e-mail address etc.), the employee can be deleted and a new password can be generated. The button New password has to be clicked in order to reset the password of an employee. Currently the temporary password will be sent to person who resets the password. Finally the employee has to reset this temporary password during the first login according to the advices on the guiding screen as described in Entering the GLOBALG.A.P. Database: Users & passwords .

Assign working language(s) for the online training

Masterdata workinglang.png

Working language is the option to select the audit languages: Here the CB-Executive chooses one or more languages for the CB-Auditor/CB-Inspector, in which this employee is able to audit/inspect and in which they will complete the Online training (OLT).

Please, note that the database language (right above the Working lanugage) will not be selected as a Working language for the online test by default. The CB-Executive is responsible to make this setting for all the employees correctly and prior to the assignment of the roles.

If two or more languages are selected or both the auditor and the inspector role, the online test will be booked for each role and in all languages. The CB-Auditor/CB-Inspector can decide for one language, however, auditors complete only the auditor exams. These assignments are crucial for the Online training (OLT) as this is the way to book online training courses and exams.

Masterdata lang assign.png

If a language and role assignment incl. scopes, subscopes was done erroneously, the CB-Executive will not be able to delete or recall online training tests by undoing the assignment. In this case the user has to complete the courses and exams in one of the selected languages to become approved for the relevant module. In crucial or unclear cases, please, contact the customer support.

None of these languages is the option to choose if the preferred language is not available in the table of languages. To save this selection, the CB-Executive clicks on Accept and finally on Save at the bottom of the Masterdata page.

Entering the scope for the employees

The database verifies the roles and scope assignment of the inspectors by performing any action in the database. Having selected an employee on Masterdata the CB-Executive can check and edit the Roles & rights.

The scheme, scopes and subscope has to be assigned for the roles CB-Committee and CB-Inspector. Please, select the relevant role and click on the green button assign subscope/scheme.

Masterdata roles.png

The following window will open:

Masterdata roles assign CoC through BRC1.png

After having selected all the boxes the CB-Executive clicks on Accept and finally on Save at the bottom of the Masterdata page.

Masterdata save.png

If the inspector passed the online training or there is no Online training (OLT) available for the registered working language at that moment, that person will be shown as access granted in the Masterdata of the employee.

If the CB-Inspector has not yet completed the available online training module in order to get access to certification, the status access not granted will be displayed next to the selected scope. In this case the CB-Inspector cannot be entered for certification and the error message "The inspector is locked for the inspection date." appears.

Taking the GLOBALG.A.P. CoC Online Test

As soon as the CB-Executive has assigned the scope "GLOBALG.A.P. Chain of Custody v5.0 through BRC" to the inspector, this inspector will be able to access the corresponding presentation and online test in the GLOBALG.A.P. Online Academy.

Please note that there can be more than one course placed on the personal desktop, if more than one language was assigned as working language. Only if the online test exists in the assigned working language, it will be shown.

At the end of the test, the trainee has to select Finish the test. The overview shows if the trainee has answered all the questions. If a question is marked with a red cross, the answer is still missing and needs to be completed.

If inspectors fail the test, they have the chance to repeat it once more by selecting the button Start New Test Attempt.

In Personal Desktop > Learning progress the status of the exam is listed at a glance. Here you also see the explanation of the colours.

Learning progress all courses.jpg

OLT exam status.jpg

Monitoring exam results for CB Scheme Managers

The person with the role CB-Scheme-Manager can check the online training results of all inspectors. If you cannot see the results, please request this role from the Customer Support Team.

Having logged in with the role CB-Scheme-Manager, please go to Masterdata and select the tab Scheme Requirement.

Scheme req.png

Here you will see by default the setting for GLOBALG.A.P. Chain of Custody v5.0 through BRC, requirement Online Training and your CB Short (abbreviation of the certification body). Now press select and all the inspectors' status of the CoC certification module and the CoC training module will display.

Masterdata Scheme Requirements1.png

For further information or in case of any question please contact Anne Kafzyk.